Utility Operations Management and Benchmarking

With proven expertise in infrastructure development and advisory services, we offer a comprehensive Municipal Infrastructure Finance Implement Train and Transfer (MUNIFITT) solution which assists municipalities to implement both short- and long-term solutions to their current and forecast infrastructure challenges.

In this, Enpower commits to initiating a hands-on support programme for assisting municipalities in fast-tracking solutions to the current crisis.

Our executive team members have worked with both private and public sector energy companies and utilities. We understand the technical and commercial demands facing the global energy market - increasing regulatory scrutiny, volatility in price and demand, and a growing demand for alternative energy sources.

Key services skills includes;

  • Customer services
  • Metering
  • Vending
  • Billing
  • Revenue collections and audits
  • Revenue enhancement initiatives
  • Reliability and quality of supply initiatives and
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Facilitation of implementation of best practices to improve utility performance
  • Providing project implementation support to contractors