About Enpower

Enpower is an organisation that delivers sustainable and cost-reflective solutions to the industry.

We add socio-economic development and financial solutions to our offerings, which are the missing elements to the traditional capabilities of infrastructure development entities, thus unlocking Africa’s sustainable social- and economic growth.

We have realized the gap that exists in the energy sector within our country and the continent; energy supply shortages causing frustrations and riots within communities; ageing assets, inadequate skills; and universal access challenges.
We use our institutional knowledge to provide solutions at own cost to turn around the failing municipalities into financially viable entities. There is no challenge bigger than us; we understand the challenges on the ground and therefore offer a holistic approach across the wires- and retail value chains.

We have a sterling track record in implementing Utility turnaround strategies. We are well-positioned to play a major role towards contributing to global initiatives on renewable energy and the introduction of the Independent Power Producers. We understand the technical and commercial demands facing the global energy market – increasing regulatory scrutiny and a growing demand for alternative energy sources. With a wealth of experience in the Industry, we are well-positioned to raise the standard of service in the field.

Innovation Passion
Abundant Creativity

Our Vision

Empowering for a sustainable impact through turning infrastructure projects into sustainable communities

Our Mission

To be the preferred and reliable turnkey solutions provider

We aim to :

  • Mobilise expertise and resources across a variety of disciplines and sectors quickly
  • Pull in experts from leading partners to tailor a team to meet ANY challenge regardless of location
  • We aim to be the preferred and reliable global solutions provider through:
    • Innovation
    • Passion and ;
    • abundant creativity that also identifies and explores new markets and opportunities!